Health, safety and sanitation Project

Kids, playful as they are, have simple accidents at school all the time. They are clumsy, and grow up with minor scrapes and cuts. In principle this is not a problem. It can become a problem if the wounds cannot be cleaned and disinfected properly. Unfortunately most schools do not have first aid kids and most teachers are unfamiliar with the contents of such a kit.

Hence we would like, this year, to supply 10 selected primary schools in different Duchies in Bandjoun, with First Aid Kits and give workshops to the teachers about how to use them.

In order to accomplish the estimated cost is 2000 euros for the 10 First Aid Kits.

The workshop about how to use the first aid kits, safety and sanitation will be provided by one of our volunteers during the year 2019.

Support us in any way, financially or health-related items as we drive these children to a healthier future!