Sponsoring is an opportunity to hold a child’s hand. It starts with a commitment to providing support to one specific child, which allows the Foundation to plan for this child’s education and provide the stability needed to complete it.

Your time and talents and help shape the future

We need volunteers who will put their effort, creativity, and invaluable time for tasks such as tutoring, coaching, mentoring, in order to work to help the Foundation and it’s children.

We also need people who would like to share their expertise by giving workshops to the children and their parents.

Donate Now

Help KondiKids Foundation help poor children with their education. Every financial contribution to KondiKids, be it one time or monthly, large or small, will go toward helping pay for the children’s school fees, school’s materials, children activities, books for the libraries, and activities their support their education and their general well-being.

No matter how you choose to make your donation, your investment will help the Foundation giving access to education and helping many less-fortunate children.


The Foundation “Stichting Kondikids” is registered in the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague with number 71745130, and has been classified as an Acknowledged Charitable Organisation (ANBI), which means your donations are tax deductible, and no endowment/inheritance tax is payable.

Questions? Please, send us an email to info@kondikids.org.




Stichting Kondikids


Impact of your donation


By allowing a child to learn, you give them a chance to aspire for a better future.

By sponsoring a child, you give him an opportunity (s)he would not have gotten without your help.

In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ideas and suggestions

The Foundation has just started and is in constant development. We need your ideas, helpful information and/or criticism. Your feedback will help us learn, adjust and improve our current and future ideas and actions.