A couple of days after the Christmas Dennis and I, Sandra, went out to Bafoussam, Cameroon to buy some things to surprise the children in the orphanage of Mbouo, Bandjoun on the behalf of Kondikids. The orphanage is not far from my grandmother’s home.

Not knowing the exact number of children there are, or how old they are we decided to buy the daily necessities to give to them. Following the Bandjoun tradition we bought rice, oil and soap.

One first aid kit has also be handed to the Sister, responsible for the orphanage.

The orphanage was not expecting us so they were very surprised and curious when we arrived. We handed over our gifts to them and they were very grateful. We chatted a little bit and it seemed the lady in charge vaguely new my grandmother. We left our details behind for future contact.

Hope to visit them again in the near future.

X Sandra