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Thank you to your interest in KondiKids Foundation.

KondiKids is a foundation which aims to provide kids living in suboptimal conditions in Cameroon with financial, material and educational aid.

The aim is that the kids taking part in the KondiKids programs and workshops will learn new tools, and have access to opportunities, which they can use in their advantage for the future.

Our history

It is all began when I was a little girl and today it is a dream coming true.

Living with my grandmother in a small village called Bandjoun in Cameroon, I was incredibly fortunate my parents could afford to provide everything I needed for my education. Unfortunately, my best friend Becky was not as lucky as I was. Becky was the second of seven children from a very poor family, and although some uncles and aunts helped her parents pay for the tuition fees, school materials were unaffordable to them. In an attempt to help her, I would always ask my father to buy two exercise books and pens instead of one so that I could share my school materials with her.  This worked well until the end of the primary school with our first diploma, the Primary Elementary Certificate (PEC). Unfortunately, my friend could not continue with her education, as her parents could not afford to pay for her secondary education.  She stayed home for the next 4 years to take her of her siblings, and eventually got married when she was 16. I really missed my friend, and made myself a promise that when I would be older I would help other children have a good education. I wanted to help the many other children like Becky who do not have full access to education.

One can say without doubt that education provides hope; education opens many doors and certainly encourages individual and societal development. I have personally experienced how education has changed my life and the lives of other people I know. Therefore, I strongly believe every child should have the opportunity to go to school, to grow emotionally and intellectually, to learn and discover to their full potential without any restraints.

The Cameroonian population is estimated to be nearly 25 million inhabitants. Demographically the population is characterised by a high percentage of poverty and a high percentage of youth. With this combination in mind, imagine how many children there are like Becky in Cameroon!  The country faces problems in terms of schooling, supervision and the development of its youth. Despite the fact that education is considered as fundamental within the Cameroonian Constitution, the country’s limited financial resources coupled with demographic and sociological changes have made the adequate schooling and education of all children difficult.

Education in Cameroon suffers from the lack of accessibility of many children to school due to the parents’ financial situation, a shortage of well-qualified teachers in some regions, overcrowding of the classrooms, and non-integration of local languages into the school curriculum, to name a few. Among out-of-school children, those who have not been able to complete primary school, or those who, after hardships, have managed to have diploma and cannot find a job, most of them are massively from rural areas and are often female.

So we must act! To act does not necessarily mean to do big things; it can also be doing a series of small things that will lead to great things. As Vincent Van Gogh so aptly puts it: “Great things are done by a series of small things together”.

After years, still guided by my empathy for my friend Becky and my energetic passion, my childhood wish to do something for the children’s education has not changed. With the encouragements of my family and friends who share my passion, I have decided to create the Foundation KondiKids, uniquely dedicated to reducing poverty by supporting children education in rural disadvantaged areas and to enhance their potentials.

Founded in 2018, the KondiKids Foundation is a foundation, independent of any political or religious affiliation.

KondiKids will remain faithful and enthusiastic in its mission to help access poor children to education, providing them with at least the basic skills, motivating and mentoring them, as they become responsible adults ready to face the challenges of today’s fast‑moving world.

It is always been said, “Education is a gift that no one can take away”.

Together, let’s give disadvantaged kids the gift of education; let’s give them the tools they need to succeed and thrive in serving their communities, serving their country.

The Foundation cannot fully fulfil its mission without your help.

For those who share our passion and are already working with us, we say, “Thank you.”

– Jeanne K. Kamga, Founder.

Our vision

Through the enthusiasm and dynamism of its team, the KondiKids Foundation aims to help poor children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The team sees itself in the near future providing basic education, social and cultural development for as many underprivileged children as possible from early childhood to professional life.

We strongly believe that, as part of the fight against poverty, education must develop despite the on-going hardships in order to overcome poverty. A lack of education as well as academic failure are key triggers of poverty, and reality has shown us academic performance of the poorest children are generally minimal.

Our mission

Our main mission is to provide poor children with chances and opportunities, an environment in which they can receive adequate education as well as the social skills necessary to. With this they will not only become socially and emotionally independent as they care for themselves in the future, but also as they care of their families and their society.

The spectrum of our mission is broad, from enabling access to education for the poor, fighting against illiteracy, and promoting harmonious development of children. We will accomplish our mission with enthusiasm and dedication, through effective fundraising efforts, sponsorships, and with efficient allocation of our resources and positive collaboration with our donors and helpers, and as the old saying goes: “More heads are better than one”.

Our creed

We believe education is the cornerstone of every success and every development. Education is the best weapon to break the circle of poverty. We believe education can change lives.

We believe that an investment in children’s education is the best investment anyone can make.

We believe in social justice, we believe all children should have equal opportunities. We believe in a society where all children go to school, regardless of who they are and where they come from.


We believe in the synergy, especially in collaboration with various institutions, the community and the parents. Together we can make great difference. As Stephen Covey says “Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals ten or a hundred or even a thousand! It’s the profound result when two or more respectful human beings determine to go beyond their preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge”.

We believe in hard work and perseverance: we will achieve our mission by working very hard. We have to be determined as nothing is for free.

We believe in our kids, and we believe in ourselves. We believe every child is born with a lot of potential. We believe we will always be there to lift them up, we believe in KondiKids children’s ability to become tomorrow leaders, outstanding designers of solutions to the problems within their own lives and within their community

So, together, let’s invest in children’s education and accompany them towards a brighter future.

Our values

Respect and ethical behaviour:

Respect is the prime value for KondiKids. We model the ethical behaviour we are teaching the children and expect from them. We want to act in a harmony within a healthy environment within which the children can grow. We want to create an environment within which children are equal, their basic needs are insured, the respect of their rights are guaranteed, their well-beings are reassured and all have access to basic education and recreation. A milieu within each child’s particular concerns and difficulties are considered as important, and where they can freely express themselves in respect of values, cultures and rules.

We are committed to accomplishing, to the best of our abilities, what we promise to do in the best interest of children.

We accept responsibility and accountability for our actions and behaviour.

Our Team

Jeanne K. Kamga

Jeanne K. Kamga

President and Founder

Blaise Macime Fokam

Blaise Macime Fokam


Jean-Luc Germonprez

Jean-Luc Germonprez


Dennis Werndly

Dennis Werndly

Information Manager

“The board members and other stakeholders of the Foundation dedicate themselves to providing greater a future for poor children in Cameroon. They do not receive a salary or bonus for their activities, except for reimbursement of costs incurred in the performance of their duties and a non-excessive attendance fee.”

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