Stichting KondiKids

Together, let us give children the tools they need to succeed and flourish in service to others

Stichting KondiKids

Together, let us give children the tools they need to succeed and flourish in service to others

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide underprivileged children with an environment within which they can receive adequate education as well as the skills necessary to become socially, physically and emotionally independent as they care for themselves and their environment.

Our Vision

With the team’s enthusiasm and dynamism, the KondiKids Foundation aims to help poor children from disadvantaged backgrounds, by (a) providing basic educational support, and (b) monitoring and promoting physical, social and cultural development for all children from early childhood to early professional life.


Our Creed

  • We believe in education being the cornerstone of success and development.
  • We believe that investing in a child’s education always bears fruits.
  • We believe in social justice, with equal opportunities for all.
  • We believe in synergy as we believe different people and institutions should work together to achieve a greater goal.
  • We believe that hard work and perseverance is necessary to achieve all the goals.
  • We believe in our kids, we believe in ourselves.

Respect and Ethical Behavior



About Us

Founded in 2018, KondiKids provides disadvantaged kids in Cameroon with the financial, material and educational support needed for a hopeful future. Children participating in the programs and workshops organized by KondiKids, will acquire the intellectual and social skills needed to shape their own future.

Physical Education




Our Blog

We look forward to sharing our journey with you through our blogs. 

A visit to the orphanage in Mbouo

A couple of days after the Christmas Dennis and I, Sandra, went out to Bafoussam, Cameroon to buy some things to surprise the children in the orphanage of Mbouo, Bandjoun on the behalf of Kondikids. The orphanage is not far from my grandmother’s home. Not knowing the...

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Cultural activities

 Summer camp has also been organized in collaboration with KondiKids Children did a lots of activities including the visit of the King of Bandjoun, the Bandjoun Museum, participated in the field activities. Thank you to Kondikids, Hugues and his team, to have made our...

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Back to School 2018-2019

With our first project completed, Kondikids has officially launched! With our "Back to School" Project, Kondikids has distributed school supplies to over 700 children in different schools in Bandjoun for the school year 2018 - 2019. We do not need to say too much, the...

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Let’s invest in children’s education and accompany them towards a brighter future.